Schools and training centers

Primary school

Griesstrasse 23,
Tel. 07734-6377

Up to 4th grade the children can go to school in Buesingen. From the 5th grade on, parents can choose between schools in Switzerland and Germany.

The teachers:

Manuela Amann
Zielstrasse 11
CH-8400 Winterthur,
Tel. 0041-52-202 63 83

Ursula Barner
Kehlhofstr. 8a,
78266 Büsingen

Sabine Tehlenberg
Blücherstrasse 3a
D-78315 Radolfszell

The primary school in Buesingen

The teachers

The muse doesn’t miss out

European Bible School and Seminar of the Nazarene Church

Junkerstr. 68,
Tel: 07734-809-0

The European Bible School is a private school with joint boarding school.The students can earn different internationally recognized diplomas. The highest of them is the “Bachelor of Arts”. The Bible School is an European institution. Director is pastor Klaus Arnold.

The European Bible School